The number of tickets will be ultra limited this year with only 1000 available!
In addition, the festival will only be accessible to people over the age of majority (18+) on the first day of the event.
All tickets include access to the car park and the campsite, except for the BUS tickets.

As the festival is all about community and friends, we are also introducing a limited amount (20) of Group Tickets: 5 Persons + 1 Free.

Choose 6 tickets "TIER 5" and only pay for 5 !
How ? Just use the promo code 'FAMILY6'






Full Weekend - Tier 1
Sold out
55,00 €
Full Weekend - Tier 2
Sold out
65,00 €
Full Weekend - Tier 3
Sold out
75,00 €
Full Weekend - Tier 4
Sold out
85,00 €
Full Weekend - Tier 5
Sold out
95,00 €

A Little Help
10,00 €
It has been a struggling year in 2018 for our team to get back on our feet and find a solution to offer this new festival. We are now sure that you will be able to experience a fantastic edition in 2019 but any extra little help would be grateful ! That’s why we opened the possibility for you to add an extra money that will be directly invested in crucial points like ecological and sustainable management during the festival. Thank you in advance for your extra help !
MiniVan/Van Access
Sold out
10,00 €
This pass gives you access to a location dedicated to vans and minivans during the festival, just a few meters from the entrance. You will also be able to access the campsite and the sanitary facilities. If you don’t purchase this pass with your van, you won’t have any comfortable location to park it and will have to leave it 1km away from the festival site.

Cashless Pre-Load - 50€ + 5€ Bonus
55,00 € 50,00 €
Cashless Pre-Load - 100€ + 15€ Bonus
115,00 € 100,00 €
Camping Shop

Maes 24x25cl (beer cans)
24,00 €
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La Nature 2019 – Art & Music Festival
21/06/2019 14:00 - 24/06/2019 00:00



4000 Liege